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I’m sharing another after radiation treatment reality:  Over time there was a gradual narrowing of my esophagus which made swallowing capsules, tablets and softgels almost impossible.
When I first encountered this swallowing challenge, I stood over the kitchen sink and literally poured water down my throat & spent up to 30 minutes to dislodge the pill from my throat. Those efforts quickly ended! I also have a pill crusher, but prefer liquid or powder supplements.
Also noting that swallowing soft foods, ie: mashed potatoes, avocado, etc, can also cause coughing jags. Early on, I sought medical help and xrays were requested. Because the technicians could not explain the risks/after effects from the rays, I walked away and chose not to further pursue conventional medical care. The two technicians were angry at me for cancelling the procedure and neither apologized or held any responsibility for 'not' knowing the effects of xrays. They were fine not to know, I was not.

Liquid Methylcobalamin Vitamin B12 1000 mcg
Benefits: Vitamin B12 supports overall heart & nerve cells, and the immune system by increasing the white blood cell count that protects the body against infectious disease & foreign invaders. My personal opinion on this vital vitamin: Regarding Covid 19: Everyone should have been advised to eat well and supplement with Vitamin B12 versus having the country shut down & mandate that masks be worn, which have been proven to accomplish nothing but long term side effects.
Dosage: A dropper full under the tongue, which is faster acting than tablets or pills.
Brand I purchase: Bluebonnet

Liquid Boron 6mg:
Benefits:  Supports healthy bones & joints.
Dosage:  1 dropper size can be added to juice or food.  I add to oatmeal that I have to blend to smooth out the small oat pieces.  When blending the oatmeal I add blueberries and when done add a dropper of Boron – flavorless!
Brand I purchase: trace minerals