Always be aware, honor, & never forget those who have & continue to suffer from the C-19 vaccines.  

They are our Vaccine Veterans! 

The end of November 2021, I posted 2 files that I created to assist those who were dealing with health issues as a result of C-19 vaccines. My intention was to add personal data to a PDF file that others could visit and learn from. I shared easy steps on how to navigate the files on a video: "A Village of Voices for the Vaccinated!" 

Unfortunately, despite my following, no data was added. What I did discover, however, in December, was an amazing site that offers similar information, but in a different fashion: Real, Not Rare 

I hope you will visit this site, and if you are someone, or know of someone who is not well as a result of C-19 vaccines, please share your information and/or encourage another to post their experience on RNR!!  It helps others by building a community among those who are suffering & opens the minds and hearts of those who don’t believe the vaccines can be dangerous!

** My sincere wish & hope for everyone is to think critically, be wise & kind to others, and most of not be fearful! **

Real, Not Rare