Organic Wheat Grass (powder):
Benefits:  it’s an antioxidant containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids,  and phytonutrients.  Supports immune, brain, heart health, and can help with inflammation.
Dosage:  1 scoop added to water.  It does taste a bit green (whatever green tastes like!) so I add either carrot juice or Naked Juice Green Machine (which I love!).
Brand I purchase: Natural elements

Collagen Hydrolysate (powder):
Benefits:  The proteins offered are the same found naturally in bones, skin & cartilage. Contains over 90% protein and a distinctive amino acid group make it rapidly absorbed and easily assimilated by the body.
Dosage:  2 scoops twice a day.  I add to my morning oatmeal and add to soup or yogurt.
Brand I purchase: Great Lakes Gelatin Co.

Magnesium Citrate (powder):
Benefits:  Essential to bone formation & density, helps maintain a healthy heart rhythm, healthy blood pressure & cholesterol levels.  Also promotes deeper sleep & relaxation.
Dosage:  ½ teaspoon in juice or water, once a day with a meal
Brand I purchase:

Flaxseed Meal:
Benefits: Omega-3 essential fatty acids which aid the cardiovascular system and can help prevent hardening of the arteries & lowering of blood pressure.  Also great source of fiber and Lignans which have antioxidant qualities.
Dosage:  You can sprinkle on any food and has a nice nutty flavor.
Brand I purchase: Bob’s Red Mill which I can buy at Target. Trader Joe’s also has its own Organic brand.