Vitamin C (dissolvable):
Benefits:  Supports healthy immune system, helps neutralize free-radicals and absorb iron in the body, promotes cellular health and general wellbeing.
Dosage:  2 tablets daily – quickly dissolves in your mouth, citrus flavored which is a little strong but I don't mind
Brand I purchase:  ezmelts, purchase on their site: ezmelts.com

Zinc (dissolvable):
Benefits:  Supports healthy digestive and immune system function, promotes protein synthesis and healthy hormone levels, and supports skin health and cellular renewal.
Dosage:  1 tablet daily – quickly dissolves in your mouth, blueberry flavored
Brand I purchase: ezmelts, purchase on their site: ezmelts.com
Noting: The ezmelt brand offers a variety of vitamins/supplements. These 2 are what I am currently using and will likely expand and add more!

Carrot Juice:  I could make this, but due to my laziness, I purchase at Target.  Only ingredient is carrots.
Celery Juice:  This is the first thing I drink every morning & make with my Hamilton Beach blender.
Naked Truth Juice: I like to have one on hand & get either Green Machine or Protein Greens.